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Packers Athletics

Smithfield High School

Packers Athletics

Smithfield High School

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7 years ago @ 9:50AM


The Smithfield Athletic Boosters (SABC) need the support of ALL Parents, Grandparents, Family, Friends and Neighbors.  

PLEASE Click this link  >>>  VOLUNTEER    to sign-up Online for an event in support SHS Athletics. 

We ALWAYS need help running the concessions during all the home events.  YOUR CHILD DOES NOT HAVE TO PLAY THE SPORT in which you volunteer. 

Many SHS sporting events are at venues that are off school campus.  Boosters do not hold concessions at venues off campus.  Therefore, we encourage parents of these sports to help support the Boosters by volunteering for sports/events held on campus. 

Keep in mind, any money raised in concessions for any sport all goes into the same Booster Athletic Account, which is then distributed once a year across the organization based on coaches requests/need and prioritization established by SABC Board with input from SHS School Admin.   

If you have questions or would like to get more involved with the Athletic Boosters, simply email  or contact a Booster Board Member. 

Board Members can be found on the Booster Link off of  



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