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Packers Athletics

Smithfield High School


Packers Athletics

Smithfield High School

Packers Athletics

Smithfield High School

Booster News.

Booster News

10 months ago

Grad Yard Signs

Booster News

1 year ago

Scholarships Awarded by SABC 2017-18 School Year

Booster News

6 years ago

Sports by seasons - lots of volunteer opportunities

Fall Sports

Field Hockey...........JV and Varsity

Football.............JV and Varsity

Cheerleading....JV and Varsity

Cross Country...Boys & Girls JV and Varsity

Golf...................JV and Varsity

Sailing...............JV and Varsity

Volleyball...........Girls JV and Varsity


Winter Sports

Basketball.........Boys & Girls JV and Varsity

Cheerleading................JV and Varsity

Debate Team

Drama Club

Indoor Track..................Boys & Girls

Scholastic Bowl

Swimming & Diving........Boys & Girls Varsity

Wrestling........................JV and Varsity


Spring Sports

Baseball................Boys JV and Varsity

Soccer...................Boys & Girls JV and Varsity

Sailing - Co-ed......JV and Varsity

Softball..................Girls JV and Varsity

Tennis...................Boys & Girls Varsity

Track and Field.....Boys & Girls

Booster News

4 years ago


Congratulations to the Smithfield Athletic Booster Club 2014-15 Scholarship Recipients. Those who won the drawings for a $500.00 Scholarship, were presented by Margaret Bachman, SABC Scholarship Chairperson, during the Spring Sports Awards Ceremony.  

Awards went to: William Brayshaw, Ashley Deese, Jordan Gibson, Morgan Peterson and Mitchell Sherwood!!

SABC awards scholarships in a random drawing of all senior athletes whose family is also an active, dues-paying member of the Booster Club. The senior athlete must have intentions of attending a college or trade school after high school. Please join the Booster Club to take advantage of this great scholarship opportunity.

Booster News

5 years ago

Scholarships awarded 2014

Congratulations to the SABC 2013-14 Scholarship Recipients.  Those who won the drawings for a $500.00 Scholarship, were presented by SABC President Andy Nelson, during the Spring Sports Awards Ceremony.  Pictured below, from left to right, are: 

Angela Miller, Russell Hall, Brandi Ramsey, Mariah Sharon, and Jacob Anderson!!

Booster News

5 years ago

Booster Club Update for 2014

Greetings from the Smithfield High School Athletic Booster Club:

As we move toward closing out the 2014 school year, I need to re-assert my appreciation for all the support we have received from local businesses, civic organizations and community.  A BIG thanks also goes out to the Smithfield Times for timely coverage of sporting events and attention to our athletes. As with any volunteer organization, success is totally dependent on a strong supportive membership base.  I need to thank all current SHS Booster Club members for their continued support as we strive to work toward making the SHS Athletics program the best it can be.  I would also like to thank the high school administration for their support and their positive support with respect to new ideas.  We are looking forward to our continued partnership with the high school faculty and staff.

Concessions revenue continues to be a majority of our income.  We need all members to support our concessions by volunteering to work.  If we could get all members (~300) to sign up for one shift, we could easily cover all concession shifts with minimal impact to any one individual.  Please consider it.  Signing up for concession stand duty can be done on our web site at  Go to the “Booster” tab and sign up under volunteers.

Spirit Wear sales continue to increase and we are investigating the possibilities of transitioning to a web based platform to promote sales.  Please consider the Booster Club first before making any Spirit Wear purchases.  Proceeds from Spirit Wear sales go directly back to helping all SHS Athletics.

In order to increase revenues, we need to shift our focus to fundraising.  We are in the planning stages for the 3rd Annual Smithfield Country Que on October 11th 2014 at Windsor Castle Park.  The Country Que is a joint event with the Smithfield Recreation Association and based on this last year’s attendance; we are expecting a full day of good food and music.  For more information, go to  We will also be actively seeking corporate sponsors as we enter the new school year. Please encourage your place of business to become a corporate sponsor. There are several corporate sponsorship levels to choose from.

For the third year in a row, Boosters supported the Smithfield Wine and Brew Fest on April 11th 2014.  We provided support during the entire day on Saturday.  Please help us out and sign up to volunteer at any of our events.  You can sign up to volunteer on our web site, under the Booster tab and click the “Volunteer” link.

As we closed out our financial records for the 2014 school year, I am estimating we returned over $20,000.00 dollars to school athletic programs in the form of student scholarships and direct donations to varsity sports teams based on coaches’ funding requests.  In accordance with our funds distribution policy, we will be distributing funds during the May/June time frame for the 2014 school year.  In order to be considered for Booster club funding, varsity coaches need to be Booster Club members and submit a funds request form to our funds distribution committee by May 1st.  The committee will review and prioritize funding requests and submit to the SHS Booster club board for approval.  Coaches can find the forms on the website under the boosters tab.

We continue to focus on growing our membership and getting all members engaged in supporting SHS athletics.  We have doubled our membership numbers compared to last year and the goal for the 2014 school year will be to double our membership again.  If you have not joined, please join us.  Our mission is simple.  We support SHS athletics by raising money for all SHS athletic programs.  The more members we have, the more opportunities we can take advantage of and the more money we will make.  For more information on committee contacts and booster club activities, you can find us on

We have one board position and several committee chair positions that will be vacant at the end of this school year.  We need members to step up and fill these positions in order to provide continuity and stability as we head into the future.  If you are interested, please contact myself or someone on the current Board so that we can discuss the opportunities.  Our goal would be to try and have the new Board member and committee chairs in place by the end of this year to provide some time to transition into the new position.

Again, thanks so much for your continued support.  Please consider reviewing our current committees and find one that suits your interest and/or talents.

Andy Nelson

Smithfield High School

Athletic Booster Club President


Booster News

6 years ago

Scholarships awarded by SABC - 2013

The SABC has awarded (4) $500 college/trade school scholarships to the following athletes.

Congratulations to:

Kate Coleman - Volleyball and will attend Longwood

Sara Dimler - Cross Country and will attend ODU

Aaron Kenney - Soccer and will attend Florida Institute of Technology

Wyatt Kremer - Sailing and will attend CNU

Booster News

7 years ago

SABC distributes proceeds

September 2012: The SABC distributed funds in the amount of $350.00 to each athletic program at SHS. The proceeds were made possible through concessions earnings and selling spirit wear.

Booster News

7 years ago

Scholarships awarded

June 2012:  The SABC awarded 2 graduating seniors each a $500.00 scholarship to be used toward college or trade school. Congratulations to Chase Cratsley who played baseball and is going to Pennsylvania State. Congratulations to Alexis Pope she played softball and is attending Christopher Newport University.

Booster News

7 years ago

Update letter - March 2012


Smithfield High School Athletic Booster Club membership:                                                                           This is the first periodic update letter to communicate Smithfield High School’s Athletic Booster Club (SABC) progress. Since our reformation in October, a majority of our time as a Board has been spent on organizing and gaining traction. An update to all members seemed appropriate at this point as we move into the spring sports year. The current SHS Athletic Booster Club Board members are:
Andy Nelson – President                                              
Ray Todd - Vice President                                            
Wendy Todd – Treasurer                                              
Libby Garrett – Secretary                                             
Bonnie Yerabek – Membership                                    
Michelle Manfred – Publicity                                       
Karen Marchart - Senior Recognition and Banquet     
Michelle Hill - Senior Recognition and Banquet          
Jackie Cypress - Program & Schedule                          
Debbie Allen – Concessions                                          
Tammy Petersen – Fundraising                                   
Caryl Ryan – Volunteers                                               
Harry and Teresa Ervin – Team Parents                                      
Margaret Bachman – Funds Distribution                     
Tracy Edwards – Spirit Wear                                        
As a Board in the last four to five months we have:
Elected officers, formulated and adopted bylaws, reopened concessions, solicited manpower to operate concessions, generated ideas for fund raising activities, grown SABC membership, set up monthly board meetings, applied for our 503 tax exempt status, opened up a SABC bank account at Farmers Bank and set up a Face book site
Our initial concessions effort has been extraordinary. Reopening the concession stands has provided a revenue stream and more importantly a positive cash flow.   Over the past four months, we have made great strides to streamline the process to minimize the effort required by volunteers. We need volunteers to run concessions. We will be attending parent/coaches meetings this spring to solicit membership as well as volunteers for concessions. Please sign up.
In an effort to take our income generating potential to the next level, we are looking at one fundraising activity for immediate implementation. The program is sponsored by the Eteamz organization. This is a web based fundraising effort developed by former coaches specifically designed to assist athletic booster clubs raise funds. It’s a pretty simple concept and depends on coaches and athletes’ participation. We are pilot testing the Eteamz program with the girls’ basketball team. We will be rolling this program out to all spring athletic sports programs. We will have more details at the coaches’ parent meetings for spring sports. 
We continue to grow our membership. Currently we have about 60 members. There are over 500 student athletes at Smithfield High School and ideally we would like 100% participation. We will be attending spring coach/parent meetings to solicit new members and educate participants on new fundraising activities. Please consider joining if you have not already. We should all work on continuing to recruit new members.
We have received tremendous support from the high school administration at all levels. An example of that support is illustrated by the 90-10 split of all concessions income making majority of the proceeds available for Booster Club activities.
On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank everyone for contributing to such a successful start. It will be fun to watch the progress as we grow and prosper.
Please check us out on our website by following the link below and clicking on the “Boosters” tab.
Andy Nelson
SABC President
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